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Adjustable Width Sound Bar

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The Extron SB 33 A is the industry's first adjustable-width sound bar for enhancing the audio experience in collaboration spaces. It features two 3” full-range drivers with a tuned port, powered by an ENERGY STAR qualified Extron Class D amplifier. Designed to mount under a display, the SB 33 A features an innovative adjustable width capability, allowing it to match the precise width of the display for a custom look. The center panel accommodates an internal webcam and can be configured for PTZ cameras using an optional shelf.  There is also an optional blank center grille for applications where no camera is required. The SB 33 A is compatible with the VCM series volume and mute controllers. The SB 33 A mounts to an included wall plate or to an optional VESA mounting kit for use with display mounts.


Adjustable Width

Since display bezel widths vary, the unique design of the SB 33 A allows its width to be adjusted during installation to precisely match the width of the display. Installed under a display, the SB 33 A provides a clean, custom look without the expense or extra time needed for a custom solution.


Camera Customization

Not all collaboration spaces serve the same function or have the same requirements, particularly when it comes to conferencing support. For some, a highly streamlined solution with a simple webcam meets the requirement. For others, a full PTZ camera is required to visually track individual conference participants. Still others are pure local collaboration spaces that require no conferencing at all or require an installed webcam to be blocked at will for security purposes. The SB 33 A meets all these needs through the use of its optional PTZ camera shelf, blank center grille, and standard webcam slot with a built-in door. For webcam compatibility information.


Configurable Mounting

A wall bracket is included, providing an easy way to flush mount the unit under a display. For installations involving an articulating mount or when the display is not directly mounted to a wall, an optional VESA mounting kit is available. When the SB 33 A is installed with the VESA mounting kit and an articulating mount, the sound bar and display move together as one unit.



  • Provides enhanced audio quality for collaboration spaces
  • Four adjustable width models available — Each with a 9" range of adjustment to create a custom look for displays from 46" to 80" diagonal
  • Configurable for an internal webcam, a PTZ camera, or no camera — Suitable for self-contained huddle spaces or video conference rooms
  • 3" (76 mm) full-range drivers with a tuned port for bass extension — Optimized for collaboration applications
  • Frequency range: 100 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Internal ENERGY STAR qualified Extron Class D amplifier — High performance stereo amplifier with CDRS, automatic clip limiter, and auto power-down with fast power-up
  • Compatible with VCM series volume and mute controllers — Can be used without a control system
  • Compatible with select MLC controllers that include VCM volume and mute ports
  • Internal level, bass, and treble adjustments — Once set, these controls are hidden and protected from tampering
  • Optional VESA mounting kit
  • ADA compliant when used with the included wall bracket — Protrudes less than four inches from the wall
Audio/acoustic and electrical — speaker
   Speaker type  Stereo, 1-way, full range, surface-mount speaker
   Frequency range  100 Hz to 20 kHz, -10 dB, full space (per IEC 60268-5) ( when the bass and treble pots are set to their 12 o'clock positions)
   Maximum SPL  95 dB, 1 m (calculated)
   Nominal coverage angles  Horizontal: 130° (1 kHz-4 kHz, weighted 2 kHz-4kHz)
Vertical: 130° (1 kHz-4 kHz, weighted 2 kHz-4kHz)
   Driver  (2) 3" (76.2 mm) paper cone
   Input connectors  (2) 5 mm captive screw connectors, 2 pole (internal)
Audio — power amplifier
   Stereo channel separation  >60 dB @ 1kHz
   CMRR  74 dB (typical) @ 1 kHz
   Bass adjustment  ±10 dB @80 Hz (reference) to 1 kHz (2 dB tolerance)
   Treble adjustment  ±10 dB @ 10 kHz (reference) to 1 kHz (2 dB tolerance)
Audio input — power amplifier
   Number/signal type  1 stereo, balanced/unbalanced input
2 stereo, unbalanced inputs
   Connectors  (1) 3.5 mm captive screw connector, 5 pole (main input)
(1) 3.5 mm mini audio jack (tip, ring, sleeve)
1 pair female RCA
   Impedance  >10k ohms unbalanced/balanced, DC coupled
   Maximum level   
      RCA and TRS inputs  +7 dBV (unbalanced) at 1% THD+N
      Captive screw input  +12 dBu (balanced) at 1% THD+N
   Amplifier input sensitivity   
      Balanced  -8 dBu
      Unbalanced  -16 dBV
   Input signal detection threshold  RCA and mini audio jacks: -55 dBV (2.24 mV) ±3 dB, unbalanced
Captive screw connector: -46 dBu (3.88 mV) ±3 dB, balanced
   Standby mode timer  Triggers after 25 minutes (±5 minutes) with no signal
       NOTE     0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms, 0 dBV = 1 Vrms, 0 dBV = 2 dBu
Audio output - power amplifier
   Number/signal type  1 stereo (2 channels total)
      Connector  (2) 5 mm captive screw connectors, 2 pole
      High pass filter  80 Hz, 12 dB/octave roll off
      Amplifier type  Class D
      S/N  >90 dB, at maximum output (15 dBu), balanced (unweighted)
Communications — amplifier
   Control port  (1) 3.5 mm captive screw connector, 3 pole
   Pin configuration  Pin 1 = +10 VDC, 50 mA (max.), pin 2 = volume/mute (variable voltage), pin 3 = GND
   Volume control voltage range  0 V (mute) to 10 V (maximum volume)
Switched DC power output
   Quantity/type  3 switched 12 VDC outputs
   Connectors  (3) 3.5 mm captive screw connectors, 2 pole (2 available for peripherals)
   Power supply  Internal
Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 4.2 A

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